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There are some changes to how we will be administering our Flu vaccines this year!


  • Over 65the practices will do – CTACS will pick up any opportunistic.
  • 18-64 HSCP will do at our dedicated 18-64 weekend clinics.  No other groups should be put in this cohort. Letters will be sent from practices who will book these appointments on HSCP behalf.   Small volumes opportunistically at GP
  • HouseboundCTACS and DNs – DNs will do any on their case load and are prioritising this presently with additional early visits where needed
  • CarersHSCP – and can be booked into week day slots allocated to practices  - Practices can do opportunistically also.
  • Social Work/NHSHSCP arranging – patients can be directed to intranet (for NHS) or their manager for social work for further info.
  • Care Homes HSCP arranging
  • 2-5  - HSCP– letters going out with booked appointment
  • Primary School Children (including those in at risk category) – CVT-    NB: those requiring injectable for religious/Contraindications GP practice to do
  • 12-18 At riskGP practice
  • Sheilders Will be picked up in relevant risk cohort – i.e. Under 65 HSCP and over 65 GP.
  • Family of Sheilders HSCP  - can attend HSCP week day clinics allocated to practices
  • 55-64 cohort HSCP – National guidance will follow
  • 50-64  – TBC -National guidance will follow


Travel to clinics

There has been some requests for patients not usually housebound to receive a house visit for flu vaccination due to guidance around car sharing/travelling etc.    We cannot pick up extra housebounds for this. We are already doing in the region on 1000 vaccines in a short time frame.   The guidance around travelling is attached and patients can be encouraged to follow this https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-what-you-can-and-cannot-do/pages/getting-around/  



Please click on the tabs that are applicable to you for more information.

All Patients who are 65 and over will be seen at Ormiston Medical Practice.

We will no longer have Flu clinics but you can still call reception on 01875 610248 and book an appointment during the week.

Please wear a mask to your appointment and arrive as close to your time as possible.


All patients aged between 18-64 eligible for a Flu vaccine will be sent a national letter informing them how to book their appointment which will be outwith Ormiston Medical Practice

Please call 01875 610248 to make this appointment or if you have any queries about the information given.


Children aged 2-5 will recieve a letter to book an appointment for Flu.

Please click here to complete the questionnaire on NHS inform website.  This will inform you of where your child will be receiving the vaccine.

If you have any questions please contact us on 01875 610248